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       At your church you want to be as effective as possible. At Connect Printing Solutions we understand that and have developed a wide variety of products that offer a practical way to ensure you are as effective as possible.

       The old saying, “first impressions are everything” is still true today.  We want to help you look the best that you can, and represent the Kingdom of God with EXCELLENCE.

          We offer a wide variety of products for ministries, from professional office stationary to broadcast television equipment.  We also offer exclusive products that help ministries connect with their community.

          Our Connect Boxes enable your ministry to reach out and gather prayer request, donations, ministry information requests and even registration cards.


Depending on your need, we have a Connect Box that is right for you.

Please take a look around our website and see how we can help you Connect!



  John Brogdon


  Connect Printing Solutions LLC

What is a Prayer Box?
The Prayer Box is a tool which allows you to acquire prayer requests from different areas in your community . . .
Form pads . . .
If you need extra form pads for your Prayer Box, Prayer Box micro, Media Box or Fundraiser Box . . .

What's a background refill?.
Our background refills allow you to change the look of your Box whenever you want. Whether you feel the need to change appearance or . . .

Accessories . . .
From time to time you may find you need extra parts for your box to upgrade or replace worn parts  . . .

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